The Impact

Cultural, Educational
and Economic Vitality

Unlike other prominent mountain resort communities, the Lake Tahoe area does not have a regional performing, visual and cultural arts center designed to attract world-class artists and programming throughout the year. The Stages at Northstar will be a true extension of this community and the glue that binds us.


The Stages will be a learning workshop for youth and adults through collaboration with local schools, the community college, and universities. Summer programs in both visual and performing arts will be offered for youth from the U.S. and other countries to learn the crafts of staging and performances. Collaborations with neighboring communities will make The Stages a far-reaching educational and cultural resource.


The Stages at Northstar will fill a cultural gap in our community. As evidenced by research conducted exclusively for The Stages by New York-based Webb Management Services—North America's leading provider of development, planning and consulting services for arts and creative entities, our communities are currently experiencing a cultural deficit and lack local theater services such as a larger regional performing arts facility. The Stages will give our community access to a multitude of arts – both performing and visual – bringing the best of the world to our region.


The Stages at Northstar will be a facility that attracts visitors, inspires residents and cultivates the passions and talents of our future generations. The Stages will provide a substantial positive economic impact to not only Northstar Resort, but the North Tahoe Region, as well, and will rival other premier mountain resort communities’ performing arts facilities. Travelers will mark it as a must-experience performance venue.