A Commitment to Our Environment

The Board of Directors overseeing The Stages at Northstar is dedicated to the health and vitality of the region, including the environmental impact of the theatre complex. Environmentally-sensitive construction and sustainable operating practices are included throughout the project. Examples include:

Land Stewardship:

The Stages footprint is designed to minimize the environmental impact. As such, the vast majority of the 22-acre site will remain natural forest land.

Visual Impact:

The Stages are being strategically designed as a striking and beautiful architectural sculpture within the mountain landscape.  Those looking back towards the valley from mid mountain will still see a pleasant view, with the complex appearing to be nestled into the surrounding habitat.

Green Building & Operations:

The new facilities will aspire to the highest level of LEED and WELL Building certifications.

Energy Efficiency:

Current planning for the building and complex includes systems for renewable energy, natural lighting, energy efficiency, and consideration of the life-cycle cost of materials.

Traffic & Transportation:

The Stages is conveniently located between I-80 and Lake Tahoe, making it easily accessible with valet services, shuttles and public transportation options. Programming will be coordinated with Northstar operations and events to minimize traffic on Hwy 267 and in the neighborhood. Additionally, the location includes existing parking, eliminating the need to build a large parking lot or structure.


The topography of the area, architectural planning and site positioning of the theatres are all purposefully being used in the design of The Stages to keep noise levels below acceptable levels in the surrounding area. Additional studies are also underway to identify further means of mitigating potential noise issues for the Northstar neighborhood and in the Martis Valley.


The early business plan for The Stages has already identified the need for administrative policies that will address consumables including paper, cleaning products, printing, and electronic communication. Additional requirements and policies will be set for concession items and catering supplies.